There is no secret people matter most of all in business. Leading companies realised it many years ago and compete over best talent not best technologies. They give amazing perks and create campuses employees want to live in. They make illegal agreements with competitors. They acquire smaller companies to get people working in them. Google, a leader in the war for talent, famously pays ridiculous amount of money to its employees to stay.

The market has changed. People, not companies, rule the game. They understand it and become more picky from year to year. It’s not about position, title and money anymore. People want their jobs to have higher purpose and see an impact of their work. They want to be surrounded by creative, energised colleagues who trust them to make important decisions. They want to enjoy their jobs every day, not at the end of a quarter when bonuses are paid.

Surprisingly job search market doesn’t support this trend at all. Open any job site and you find detailed position descriptions and barely any information about companies behind them. All fantastic companies I visited on my tour say, We do not hire a person to fill in a role. Those job sites are useless for them as they bring wrong candidates.

The problem also exists on the other side. Several years ago I spent two months looking for an inspiring company to join. I couldn’t find one because I didn’t know where to look for them. I’m not alone here. Ask yourself, “What are the best tech companies in my city?” If you remember only big names like Amazon or Atlassian, you probably are mistaken.

Last three months I visited 17 tech companies in Europe and I would instantly recommend seven of them to my best friends. This knowledge shouldn’t be secretly kept! So I invited those seven companies — The Magnificent Seven, to work together on a website which will help tech people to find best tech companies in Europe.

I understand well what companies need. Yet my knowledge on how you, my reader, look for a job and what factors are important for you is scarce. To close this gap I’m running a series of short 15 minutes interviews about job search.

I’ll be glad to interview you.

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