Several days ago Jurgen wrote a very nice post about purpose and commitment, No. If you haven’t seen it yet, check the article right now. It’s important for understanding the text below. I wait while you’re reading.


Jurgen says,

When you know your destination, you can say “No” to the detours.

It’s a good observation. However it has one limitation. What if you don’t know your destination? What if you cannot paint a mental picture of your week in five or ten years?

I know some people who are not able to do it. I wasn’t able to paint the picture just a couple of years ago.

I didn’t know when to say “No” and when to say “Yes”. I was unsure and felt insecure. I felt like a looser every time I made a decision and said “No” to find out later that a project became a big success. The feeling didn’t last for too long as I’m too optimistic by nature. Yet I didn’t try to change the situation.

After joining Happy Melly I realized that the time for change had come. I started to say “Yes” to every new opportunity or idea. I became a freelancer, I worked as a consultant, I launched a new product unsuccessfully, I renovated my flat, I danced at the end of my talk at ALE, I went on a world tour and more.

Today I’m still shaping my vision for the future. My destination is not clear but it’s less blurred than a year ago. I learned to say “No” and I’m doing it quite often now. Jurgen is right. You should say “No”.

Before you should be brave to say “Yes”.

There’s a chance that you will wake up one morning, go to the bathroom, start brushing your teeth, yellow bulb will appear above your head and you’ll shout, “Eurika! I clearly see what I want to do next ten years.” It may happen. I decided to increase the chances. I try, I fail and I try again.

What is your choice?