Futurice and me have the longest “relationships” among the organisations in my tour. It sparkled my interest in more detailed investigation of fantastic companies. Futurice also became the first organisation which I studied carefully and wrote a case study. As you see it was no surprise at all I was excited when Yrjö invited me to take part in FutuFriday.

Futurice is a service company creating products together with customers at their premises. Their employees spend a lot of time outside the office and could feel lonely or integrate too much into client’s culture. To help people be involved and stay part of the company, Futurice invented FutuFriday.

Once per month all employees come to Futurice offices to hang around and have fun. This day is reserved for learning and collaboration. There are many activities to help things happen. For example, new employees introduce themselves. Some people run sessions, mostly technology- or design-oriented. CEO answers questions which he gets by email or on spot.

For me the invitation gave a chance to see how people in the company collaborate outside their daily working routine. Yet I was lucky to get ever more.

Last Friday the event was unusual for two reasons. First, Futurice moved to a new office a couple of weeks ago. It was the first time they had FutuFriday there and was unsure how smooth it would be. It ended up well — hectic and charming at the same time. People seized any place slightly suitable for sitting, chatted and enjoyed food. Of course, as in any nerdy crowd some of them didn’t put their laptops aside even while eating.

Second, CEO Tuomas Syrjänen gave a talk. He shared what he had observed on their internal communication channels, how it reflected his understanding of company values and what he learned from it. He openly talked how his behaviour hadn’t been aligned with their values and how he was going to change it.

During that sincere and informal speech one thought kept coming to my mind, Lead by example. When a leader of an organisation communicates this way it motivates everyone to behave in a similar transparent manner. For Futurice words trust and transparency are not something they wrote down, put on a wall and forgot. The company actually lives these values.

Another thing I observed is that Futurice definitely passes T-shirt test. Many people were wearing official green hoodies. Except me. I was in my terrific Happy Melly T-shirt {8-).

If you want to know more how Futurice works, read my case study. Beware, I’m going to update it soon as I learned a lot during my visit. Follow me to stay tuned!

I’m in debt to Yrjö for being a great host. He spent two days with me and didn’t get bored answering numerous questions and making me coffee. I hope so :)