The beginning of the week was frantic. I was running like a squirrel in a wheel trying to complete a mountain of tiny mechanical tasks related to my departure. Anxiety didn’t leave me. I was fearing the tour would be a disaster. Even the meeting with friends didn’t help a lot. Yesterday I went to visit my family who just came back from Croatia where they had stayed for a week. They handed me a book and the moment I took it my mood changed considerably…

Last September I went to Croatia for a month. It was the end of the season with lovely sun, warm sea and not so many people on a beach. I stayed at my sister’s summer house and decided to grab that opportunity and order several paper books from Amazon. Delivery costs to Russia are usually 3-4 times higher than a price of a book itself. Having a lazy mood — hey, I was on vacation after all — I postponed the order till the last possible moment. My laziness got paid — I received only one book in time out of three.

I took the book and to my surprise it was one of the two I ordered in autumn — Maverick by Ricardo Semler. Some kind neighbour received the package and kept it for several months. What a lucky coincidence! Going on a tour to visit fantastic companies being accompanied by a book about a fantastic company.

I put the book at the corner of my current working table. I smile each time I look at it.

May be you can smile with me now?